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“Great nature has a million works, in tongues of trees and songs of birds, but none to breathe the heart of man, ‘Till music filled the pipes of pan” — Henry Van Dyke

Sound and music can have a powerful affect on one’s health. Today, sound therapy is used in hospitals, schools, and psychological treatment programs, as an effective treatment to reduce stress, lower blood pressure, alleviate pain, overcome learning disabilities, improve movement and balance, and promote endurance and strength. For thousands of years, from Pythagoras, Plato, and the hymns of the Vedas in India, and the Tibetan monks in the Himalayas, music has been used to heal. Sound is oscillating energy waves. Sound originates and travels from one source to another in the form of waves. Each sound has its own velocity, intensity, frequency, pitch, and wavelength. It is not necessary that one be consciously aware of a sound for it to have an effect because sound creates response in the entire body, not just the ear.

The human body is a living entity of vibrations and wavelengths. A healthy body vibrates at its own frequency. In a sick body, the frequency is disturbed and out of tune. When sound is introduced to the body and energy field, the vibrations spread quickly because the body is about 90% water, and sound travels faster through water. Sound travels through the energy pathways of the meridians and the chakras, helping the body to tune into its own frequency. Sound removes stuck energies that are causing exhaustion and depleting the body of its vitality. Because cells have vibrational memory, sound and color healing reminds them to balance themselves, thus creating healing on a cellular level.

Sound and color therapy is the art of introducing different spectral hues and sounds into the human organism for the purpose of promoting health, balance, and well being.

The human body has its own rhythmic patterns, and there is growing evidence that the rhythms of the heart, brain, and other organs, enjoy a special synchronicity. Illness can arise when these inner rhythms are disturbed. In this treatment, sound may be introduced through the use of a sound bed, a Monochord table with over 50 strings. Laying upon it, body and spirit go into resonance, resulting in higher consciousness and healing. Sound tubes are hung over the body from a frame. The pentatonic tubes are played, creating rich overtones and harmonies which help to raise the body’s energy for maximum relaxation and alignment of one’s chakras. Tuning forks are also used as a meridian therapy. They create harmony in the endocrine, circulatory, nervous, muscular, digestive, and all other systems of the body. Stimulation of one or a combination of the acupoints can restore harmony in the body. Crystal and Tibetan bowls, rain sticks, gong bells, chimes, conchs, drums, and rattles, may also be used for certain treatments.


Noted sound teacher, Fabien Mamon, realized through his years of work with his students that there is one particular frequency unique to each individual. If you sing that note, the frequency creates a fifth interval as a response from the energy field. That means a resonance is created behind the physical body and the aura, and that a feeling of power, vibrancy, and wellbeing is experienced. On a physical level, sounding, toning, or introducing the note to your body, harmonizes and regenerates it at a cellular level. On a spiritual level, it aligns you with your soul and divine source, your life program, and your cosmic purpose.


In some systems, the spine, and the right and left chains of the nervous system, are known as the Temple of Solomon, the Sefirotic Tree, or the stairway to heaven. In the musical spine treatment, sound is introduced to the cortical axis of the physical body. Tuning forks are used along the energetic reflex points on both sides of the spine. Pentatonic modes are applied to each vertebra and area of the spine, and bring chi and vitality to all the organs of the body. The body is literally being played like a musical instrument, and is brought into harmony and deep healing. A musical spine treatment awakens your divine plan and purpose on a spiritual level, brings deep stillness and peace on an emotional level, and clarity on a mental level. Therapy radiating color light lamps, shining on the chakras, are also a part of the treatment, and link your inner energy system to your outer energy field, connecting you to your soul or higher self, and your piece of the Divine Plan. A series of six treatments is recommended.


T.E.P. is a hands-on healing practice that introduces sound tubes, color lights, and energy touch. It is a synthesis of healing on three levels. It works on two major energy flows of the body, the Du Mai and Ren Mai meridians, and reestablishes the flow of energy to generate deep healing. The physical body receives its healing from the hands, a chi, or energy touch. The emotional body heals through the sound tubes, and the mental body through color. The result is a vortex of energy that integrates the healing on three levels. A full and balanced flow of energy from the chakra center leads to resistance to disease. The chakra centers govern the endocrine system which in turn controls the seven major areas of the physical body. It also is responsible for the correct functioning of the entire organism and produces both physiological and psychological effects. T.E.P. energetically works with the chakra system which is linked to the endocrine system, nadis, nervous system, blood stream, and energy field. Colored lights and sound tubes are used at the same time. Pentatonic tubes expand the energy field and break up negative energies and forms in the aura. The colored lights balance, energize, and harmonize with their different wavelengths and frequencies. T.E.P. is a synergy of sound, color, and chi, and brings deep healing and peace. A series of six treatments is recommended.


A symphony of sound treatment harmonizes the aura and clears blockages in the channels, either in the nadis, the arteries, or the nerves. Where there is a blockage, the organ affected stops vibrating at a healthy frequency, and this results in some kind of illness and imbalance. Crystal bowls, Tibetan bowls, Tibetan bells, gongs, drums, rattles, chimes, rain sticks, conch, and voice are placed around the body in the energy field, and played. The treatment helps to bring back the highest radiance and balance to the electromagnetic energy field around the body. The treatment helps to prevent illness at its source in the energy field before it moves into the physical body. Colored silk scarves and aromoacology are part of the treatment.




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