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Trauma and attachment wounds can begin in very early stages of life. A high percentage of our issues began at pre-conception, in-utero and perinatal.


This is the first stage of life just before the sperm meets the egg. As the soul descends closer to the womb at the beginning of life what can occur is a part of the mind/soul can say NO and does not want to enter into the womb. When I have regressed some  clients back to before conception they have experience a terror at entering the womb. We have also seen this in Family Constellation Work. It  feels  to them as if a part of their being/essence never came fully in to life. I have noticed that most of these clients have suffered with depression, life threatening illnesses, disconnect, shutdown, feelings of not belonging and not wanting to be here. When we have gone back further using regression they have remembered  past life trauma that never got resolved. The resolution is to re-pattern ,resource and update this ego-state with a factual, loving, compassionate present self that can commit to offering  this part a safe and loving experience .


As the baby goes through the different development stages in the womb trauma and attachment  woundings  can occur in-utero.


1. Conception

2. Attaching of the Umbilical Cord and therefore mother.

3. Generational  material that lands because of the attachment of cord

4. All anomalies that are encountered through age progression in-utero (week by week)

5. Birth Process

6. Cesarean Section births, breech, forceps birth, etc.

7. Births where drugs of any kind were used (twilight cocktail etc)

8. Being held by Mum and Dad  for the first time

9. Any medical emergencies during or after birth regarding mum or child

10. Surviving an abortion attempt 

11. Any time spent in incubator or NICU 

12. Mom’s postpartum depression and inability to attach or bond after birth due to illness or vacancy

13. Loss of mum in context of adoption

14. Adoptive mum holding baby for the first time/neurobiological confusion

An unborn child that has experienced any of these in-utero will  undoubtedly  internalize what is happening which may result in the first dissociative split as a result of survival terror(i.e.,”She doesn’t want /love me”, “I may die”, “This is not safe”). Grief and fear can happen if attachment is not safe.

1.  Babies are conscious, intelligent and aware.

2.  Babies remember birth; it is a big experience.

3.  Babies feel pain.

4.  Our DNA expression is influenced by our environment.

5.  We develop in relationship.

6.  Attachment begins before birth.

7. Our earliest experiences (prenatal through age 1) create a template for our mental models of the world.

8. This template is what we live out of, and it is our job to become aware of it, especially if it is filled with patterns that don’t serve us as adults.


We can re-pattern and heal trauma and attachment wounds through Comprehensive Resource Model. Using this model and connecting back to Core Self we can slowly move through gestation and the different stages of development. We get to process all distress and traumatic memory so it no longer affects us in a detrimental way. If this is the source of our re-enactments of pain and suffering we find that we are free from the original wound and can create new positive patterns of behaviors , thoughts and feelings. We find ourselves living from a more adult  present conscious state of being, no longer triggered by the pain of the past. review

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